Max Hurtaud Magic!

In our Spring 2024 issue, we asked Master Florist Max Hurtaud of Belgium to create an ethereal bouquet which would be perfect to give to a special someone in your life, and he most certainly came up trumps. Just look at the gorgeousness he produced!

Here are his step-by-step instructions for you to achieve your own version:


  • 50x Panicum (fountain grass)
  • 4x Ranunculus ‘Pon Pon Aurora’ 
  • 4x Ranunculus ‘Pon Pon Fanny Extra’
  • 5x Oxypetalum (blue)
  • 8x Oxypetalum (pink)
  • 5x Rosa ‘Queen’s Crown’
  • 3x Rosa ‘Volkova’
  • 1/3 rattan wood
  • Stemtex tape
  • 5x stub wires 1.8 (50cm)
  • 60x cable ties
  • Rope


  1. Tie the rattan together with 50 cable ties; start from the centre with a small hole and then spiral around to make connections
  2. Ensure you keep some space between the spiralling for flower insertion
  3. Cut all the cable tie extensions off to get a clean look for your frame
  4. Cover your stub wires with Stemtex tape
  5. Next, tape all of them together about 1/3 up to create a handle, and then bend the remaining ones out in a 90 degree angle to form the bouquet holder
  6. Place the rattan circle on to the bouquet holder and secure with the remaining cable ties
  7. Add your flowers into your bouquet in a pleasing pattern 
  8. Complete your creation by adding the Panicum to the underside of your frame