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Specially written for professional florists and flower-arranging enthusiasts, FLORA brings you inspiration, education, news, tricks, and tips to help you along your journey with flowers. Whether you are enhancing your flower arranger skills, a trained professional, or somewhere in between, we help you improve your knowledge and give you a community to grow with. FLORA features talented floral designers from the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. Join us as we celebrate the artistry, science, and passion that make the world of floristry so enchanting.

Alexandra Farms

What people are saying about our new design:

You are doing a wonderful job and I loved the latest edition.
A-MN, East Grinstead

Congratulations for getting your first edition of Flora. I managed to find a copy on the island this weekend and will arrange a subscription. You have covered such a wide field and I found it very interesting.
AW, Guernsey

Congratulations on the new look Flora – it has become a proper coffee table magazine.
AK, Newick

I loved the new look Winter 2023 issue and look forward to all the interesting features I know will appear in future onesā€¦
PM, Bexhill-on-Sea

Wow! It looks incredible. And so many interesting features. I like that you did a deep dive on wreaths. Great to see so many various styles.
YS, Tadworth

Well done on that last issue (Winter 2024).
JB, Belgravia

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Flora Magazine includes:

  • The latest floral trends
  • Seasonal ideas 
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Floristry business insights
  • Creative designs
  • Contests
  • Flower show & exhibition reports
  • Floral designer profiles
  • Plants and gardens

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FLORA is a valuable reference source of products and information that relates to the cut flower industry for both the amateur and professional.

Donā€™t miss the latest news and ideas in the world of floral design.

FLORA is also available in WHSmith and other newsagents at the cover price of Ā£6.95

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In August 2023, Floristsā€™ Review Media Group, publishers of Floristsā€™ Review, acquired Flora Magazine. We eagerly embrace the chance to grow our dedication to flowers and the floral business, collaborating with skilled florists, flower arrangers, and industry experts in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Floristsā€™ Review, established in 1897 in Chicago, has steadfastly supported a diverse range of professionals in the floral trade, including florists, artisans, manufacturers, growers, and distributors. Our long-standing presence in the industry and commitment to providing valuable resources and knowledge have established us as a trusted and influential institution in the world of floristry.